Monday, May 10, 2010

Feathers with Bling...on your Wedding Bouquet and in your Hair!

This past week has been busy fielding inquiries about the soft pink bouquet and floral hair pieces that I featured at The Indie Meets Couture show last weekend! Seems the super-hot wedding trend of feathers and accents of shiny bling have transended into bouquets and hair accessories! It was a bit of an experiment - but certainly worth the effort!

I connected with some other great wedding professionals - seems a couple of us have the same plume supplier..."hi" Mimi (if you are reading this!) So many great options using feathers and some shiny pieces...never to upstand the bride, but more to showcase her!

Would you consider feathers or shiny baubles in your bouquet? I definintely would!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Destination Brides!

Going somewhere tropical and romantic to get married? Why not carry your lightweight wedding bouquet in your carry-on or safely packed in your luggage?
Hibiscus is such a popular tropical flower - yet so delicate to place into a fresh bouquet. Vibrant shades of pink and orange, accented with green and grasses fit in perfectly to the island wedding when hand-created in clay! Every last detail, including some hand-painted highlights and shadows give this bouquet a very realistic look - don't you agree?

Your clay flowers can arrive to your home or business address days...or weeks...before you leave for one of the most memorable days of your life! Take some of the stress from the day of the'll never worry at your destination about the wrong floral order (or flowers that may have been hanging around awhile)...and you get to keep the clay flowers as a memory of the day you married the best guy for you!

Clay Flowers are an Eco-Chic solution for Destination Brides!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Indie Meets Couture Show - May 1st

Just back from the big city of Toronto - the ultra chic Drake Hotel where I exhibited in The Wedding Co. - Indie Meets Couture Spring Show. What a great experience - I truly enjoyed meeting the brides and showing them the clay flowers! I love to hear the reaction from those who have never seen clay blossoms before.

Interesting to see all of the 'wedding bloggers' come out to gather information, snap photos and inquire about clay flowers! If you are a blogger, or happen to see my work posted, PLEASE comment or send me a note at -- I really appreciate it! I look forward to hearing from you!

Catherine, Stephanie and the other Wedding Co. staff are the best! They are so professional and a pleasure to work and be associated with - great job ladies!

More people to thank and introduce you to in the next few posts - off to get some dinner and recount a wonderful spring day at the show!