Friday, May 22, 2009

Bridal Hair Flowers

How lovely to have a hair flower on your special day! Through the beauty of clay flowers, you can have the most delicate flowers hand-designed for you! name it!

Today I bumped into a young woman that I haven't seen for a couple of years and she is getting married in 16 days (and counting)! She has beautiful, wavy red hair and we agreed that a clay flower would be a stunning, finishing touch to her updo and veil! Thanks for the chat, Andrea. You will love this flower on your wedding day - don't forget to pack it in your honeymoon luggage too!

There are several backings for hair flowers - U-shaped pin, alligator clip or barrette bar. Hair stylists prefer the U-shaped pin, so they can skillfully attach it into the hair securely. Prices range from $15-$25 per blossom. The hair flowers are between 3-4" in diameter. Please contact me directly for more details or to order.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Square Arrangement - Three Ways

Well...two blogs in one day...still raining!

I wanted to share some more of the beautiful characteristics of working with ClayCraft by DECO. You can clearly see how different each arrangement looks simply by using different hues and shades of roses. The chocolate brown container is very charming with the spicy shade roses, yet similar coloured roses in a white vase are also very sharp! I think the monochromatic palette of the third photo is also very elegant and will look lovely in any room.
As classic as a beautiful rose is, it can look modern using a square container - just love how all three of these turned out. Enjoy, Ladies! These three arrangements are spoken for, but you are welcome to contact me for custom orders.

Rainy Day - Sunny Flowers

It is raining here today with a thunder storm brewing! Ah, Spring!! As many of my friends who are anxious to get into their gardens are busy at the nursery and garden centers, I thought I would post some cheerful flowers before I head out - off to get LOTS of compost to feed my outdoor gardens! It is a long weekend coming here in Canada - sort of 'opening weekend' for cottagers and gardeners!

I am really pleased the way my clay flower arrangements are composing themselves lately. I have been making lots of pink coloured flowers (see the rustic mossy pot) and coral coloured for a change, I tried the selection of purple/lavender roses in a cute ceramic pot. Hope you like them too!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Just wanted to share some more photos of some pieces I have been working on! I think the hydrangeas are my current fave - love all of the shades and tones that can be created with clay! Don't forget to have a card for Mom for Sunday! Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms - we owe a lot to you!
I am lucky enough to be spending Mother's Day with my own family, including my Mom and Grandmother! :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feeling Like Spring!

It is really Spring here now! I see the buds on the maple trees, the glorious magnolia trees are about to burst (one of my spring faves!) and bulbs blooming everywhere! Hooray - now I am getting the bug to go out and see what I can do in the garden. I feel the romance of the floral garden as I see the nursery garden centers opening up and the flats of annuals tantalizing me...

In the meantime, here are some recent arrangements that I made for Mother's Day. You can almost smell the fragrant peonies (so delicate as a fresh flower) and roses. The hydrangeas (also so delicate and fussy) can be enjoyed as clay flowers for a lot longer! I really like this colour combo this time of year too - so refreshing after a long, cold winter!