Friday, November 21, 2008

Work in Progress

This week I have been busy making some festive holiday clay flowers!

Christmas-white amaryllis (still needs centers), deep red roses, holiday red poinsettias as well as some elegant off-white gardenias. As I laid them out on the worktable today with some of the ornamental fillers, cranberry red bowl and life-like greenery garland, they took on a very pleasing Christmas look - so I had to take a photo. It is very cold here today, but the sunshine is gleaming in - perfect for taking some good, detailed photos!

This is certainly not a finished piece, but often my customers ask where I get my inspiration for design. Here is a perfect example of 'work in progress' whereby I look at the pieces (of paper, ribbon or clay) and they somehow magically seem to configure themselves. I will finish up some arrangements and post soon as they are ready 'for their close-up'!

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