Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Wedding Photos - Amy & Rob

There are so many ways for the bride to personalize her wedding day! By having a colour story that repeats throughtout all of the thoughtful wedding items, all of the pieces co-ordinate for a more sophisticated look. The wedding colours that Amy chose included: cherry red, baby blue and white - perhaps not the typical summer wedding colours, but that is what made her day even more special!

These colours not only worked well together, they were very complementary to all skin tones of the bridal party, as well as the existing decor pieces at the wedding venue The country landscape was lovely and although the day started and ended with rain, Amy and Rob's wedding was bright and sunny...and bountiful with natural greenery (and a nice summer breeze for the comfort of the guests).

Here are some photos of the table centerpieces - votive lanterns surrounded by a ribbon-wrapped grapevine wreath and a cluster of clay flowers. Amy added some blue ribbon and a whimsical tag to the lantern which marked the tables for guests to find their seats. At the end of the evening, one lucky guest from each table was able to take the centerpiece home - what a thoughtful keepsake of the wedding!

For the cake, which looked elegant and delicious smothered in buttercream icing, Amy requested a large scale red poppy to fit the 6" round top layer. I added a few stephanotis, ribbon and greenery. The cake flower gets set into the cake just before the wedding reception and should be wiped dry from any icing that touches the flower - no mess, no fuss - and an everlasting flower to keep!

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