Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lovin' a Sunny Thursday!

I working on some Valentine clay flower projects and some cute Valentine greeting cards. I thought that thought this photo would be uplifting today! It is sunny (and cold!) and I have had a challenging couple of days with my vehicle! Ugghh!
After 2 boosts this week and a flatbed tow to the dealership today, the conclusion is...the back wiper motor had seized up and was draining the battery - thankfully, under warranty and I can get it back today. Just little wrinkles like this that can put your day behind. Hope your day is going well!


m.cristina said...

I'm a italian women
ia have passion for handmade
very beutiful your flowers
look my blog
Flower significad spring
excuse for my english

Jillian said...

Those pink roses are STUNNING! Love them!