Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hair Flowers

I love the look of flowers in my hair - whether heading out shopping, out for dinner or going out on the town. What I don't like is...bees! Guess what - not a bee in sight when you wear clay flowers in your hair!

I have honestly worn my gardenia more days than not in the last year - I think it is becoming my signature flower! So delicate and fragrant in nature, but so durable and everlasting in clay! Lilies are also so delicate from Mother Nature - they never last the day let alone a big night out of dancing! Roses are another good choice for hair flowers - so many different colours and combinations. Eco-Chic and Scent-free!

If you are getting married, would like to give a special gift to the bride...or want to treat yourself to a hair flower, please contact me!

What is your favourite summer hair flower?

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