Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Eye Candy!

Feeling like Spring could arrive any minute here! There have been some April Showers this week (and hundreds of slimy little worms on the driveway)...Good for the Garden! Ah, my garden...if I could only plant some clay flowers for instant colour! LOL

ScrapFest was this past weekend - what a great experience! Great to see so many happy scrappers at this event with lots of bags (full of the newest patterned papers, cardstock and embellishments) coming from the Marketplace. I had a great group of very creative ladies attend my card making class! Thanks for the giggles - at one point it was 'snowing' little bits of boa feathers!

I am busy working on Mother's Day clay flowers (hair flowers, arrangements and other goodies) as well as hand-designed greeting cards. Will post some more photos soon - seems the uploading is taking a long time from my camera to computer. :)


Teresa (aka tmom) said...

Love, love those sneak peaks!!!
ScrapFest was so much fun, loved your class. Yes, there was a bit of giggling happening and I think I brought some of that feather snow home to Nova Scotia with me! Thanks again for mo much fun!

Diva Loca said...

i saw boa feathers on your blog and i fear we may have been the culprits...those darn feathers end up everywhere!!!