Friday, November 27, 2009

Outdoor Decorative Urns for the Holidays!

Surprised to see no snow in these photos?!!

Me too - usually there is something on the ground by now! Not complaining what so ever!

I am pleased to show you some outdoor decorative urns for the holidays! With just a bit of imagination, greenery and some stuff you probably have, you can make a decorative statement at the front of your home too!

The greenery I used this year included juniper (from the big overgrown shrub that was recently taken down), cedar boughs, pine, salal and fir boughs. I added some mismatched sparkly ornaments. The dogwood stems are fresh and the big pinecones are from the florist. It would have been nice to light the grapevine balls (the client currently has no hydro running out the front). I re-used the wreath I designed for them last year, just adding some new ball ornaments to fill it in a bit.

What do you do to decorate the front of your home for the holidays?

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